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When yellowed or discolored teeth are affecting your self-confidence, it’s time to find a teeth bleaching dentist you trust. This common problem is caused by consuming certain foods and beverages, smoking, or the aging process. Genetics can even play a part, with some people being more susceptible to yellowing than others.

Fortunately, many cases of discolored teeth are treatable using teeth whitening in St. Clair Shores. This affordable and straightforward procedure allows you to remove stubborn stains and enjoy a younger-looking smile. Keep reading to discover the benefits of teeth whitening and determine whether this treatment is right for you.

What Is Professional Teeth Bleaching?

Professional teeth bleaching is also known as chairside whitening, dental whitening, or power bleaching. It takes place at the dentist’s office, where a dentist uses a concentrated gel to brighten your smile in about one to two hours. Unlike do-it-yourself options that produce only slight results, professional whitening can often brighten teeth by up to six shades. Plus, results are immediate — you’ll leave our office with a brighter, more youthful smile.

Keep in mind that some types of tooth discoloration, including medication staining, tetracycline stains, or discoloration caused by problems within the tooth, aren’t vulnerable to the gel. Only natural teeth that are stained by aging, beverages or other external factors will be affected by the gel. Teeth whitening gels also won’t be effective on veneers, crowns, and other restorations.

If you have questions about whether professional teeth bleaching is right for you, please give us a call.

Where Can I Find Kits for Teeth Whitening at Home?

Many patients ask us, “Is there a convenient way to bleach teeth at home?” The answer is yes — our professional-grade, at-home teeth whitening kits are an effective solution. We recommend these systems on their own and also as a supplement to a chairside whitening procedure.

These kits utilize a tray system, so impressions will be taken to create the whitening appliance. Once your new whitening trays arrive from the lab, the dentist will show you how to use them properly with a highly concentrated bleaching gel. Just like the chairside procedure, the dentist will record your original teeth shade so that he or she can track your progress.

Find out more about our convenient teeth whitening options by contacting our office today.

Will My Insurance Cover Teeth Whitening?

The cost of teeth whitening in St. Clair Shores generally varies from person to person. The treatment chosen, the number of additional appointments needed, and whether you continue brightening your teeth at home will all factor into the total charges.

Most insurance companies consider teeth whitening a cosmetic procedure and will not offer coverage. If the teeth bleaching cost is a concern, be sure to speak with your dentist about what payment options are available. We’re here to help you find an affordable solution.

What Are the Differences Between Do-It-Yourself Teeth Whitening Products and Professional Whitening?

When searching for an affordable way to brighten your teeth, you’ve likely browsed multiple products available at the drugstore. While many of these products do produce some brightening, only a dentist can provide fast, long-lasting whitening results. In fact, improper use of over-the-counter teeth whitening systems can result in uneven bleaching or even damage to the gums.

On the other hand, a dentist supervises the professional teeth bleaching process every step of the way, making it a safe procedure. You’ll also see far more dramatic results, up to six shades brighter in many cases. Give us a call for more information when choosing between do-it-yourself whitening or professional treatment.

What Should I Expect During Professional Teeth Whitening?

Getting your teeth brightened by a skilled dentist can help you erase years of stubborn stains. While the procedure steps vary depending on what brightening method is chosen, the following typically occurs during a teeth whitening appointment:

  • First, the dentist will prepare your teeth for the bleaching agent by thoroughly cleaning and drying them. Photos may be taken to record your original shade for comparison purposes.
  • A cheek retractor will be used to allow access to your visible teeth.
  • A protective shield or gel will be applied to the gums to guard against irritation.
  • To brighten your teeth, the dentist applies several coatings of the bleaching gel. These layers may be left on for several minutes as the treatment progresses. A heat lamp or light may be used to intensify the results.
  • Once all layers are applied, the dentist will compare your newly brightened teeth with the original shade. If the desired shade is complete, your teeth whitening treatment is finished. However, if you desire a lighter shade you may need a follow-up visit or an in-home teeth whitening kit.

Enjoy the benefits of a brighter, more vivid smile with the help of our teeth bleaching dentist. Call us now to schedule your visit.

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Traditional Michigan (MI) Medicaid plans not accepted:

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