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If the appearance of your teeth makes you smile less often, then veneers may help you smile more and become more self-confident. The appearance of porcelain teeth is very similar to the appearance of healthy, natural teeth, but much better for those with misalignments. Veneers can cover small defects in otherwise healthy teeth so that that you’ll have beautifully white, even teeth and a gorgeous smile. If you’re interested in getting porcelain veneers in Detroit then call our office today.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Veneers are comprised of many layers of very thin dental porcelain that look and function like your natural tooth enamel. They adhere to the surface of each tooth and are primarily used for aesthetic issues such as those listed below.

  • Size and shape: If you have a chipped tooth, it can erode your self-confidence, which is especially important for a life event like a job interview or a wedding. Veneers can cover minor aesthetic flaws that may have occurred naturally or due to habits such as bruxism. They can also make minor changes in the shape of your teeth if you think they’re too big, too small, too round or too square.
  • Tooth Color: Lifestyle habits such as drinking coffee or tea or red wine, smoking or using some medications can cause your teeth to appear dull and discolored. Veneers can restore the beautiful, white teeth you’ve always wanted. They can match your natural shade or become whiter than your natural tooth color.
  • Alignment and spacing: If you have minor gaps in your teeth or if they’re somewhat misaligned, porcelain veneers can correct the gaps and possibly eliminate the need for braces, which can be especially important for those who are no longer in their teens or youth.

Before we apply veneers to your teeth, we’ll make a mold of your teeth to ensure the best fit possible during the porcelain veneers procedure. We may need to remove less than 1mm of your surface enamel, but the procedure is painless and your new veneers won’t stain or slip and they’ll feel as comfortable as your natural teeth.

If you think that the veneers procedure might work for you, then call our office to schedule an appointment. If veneers porcelain isn’t right for you, then we can recommend alternatives that will provide you with the beautiful, white teeth that you want.

How Much Do Porcelain Veneers Cost?

As with any dental procedure, your porcelain veneers cost will be specific to you and will depend on the number of teeth involved, the brand of veneers you choose, and any additional work you need. Although porcelain may be initially more expensive than some of the alternatives, its longevity may more than compensate for the price difference. When you come to our office for your procedure, we’ll provide you with an estimate of your fees, so you’ll know exactly what your veneers will cost.

What’s the Difference Between a Veneer and a Crown?

Like a crown, a veneer is a permanent installation and it’s made from the same material as porcelain crowns. However, crowns completely cover the teeth, which is why they’re often referred to as caps, whereas veneers cover only the front of your teeth. A crown can replace missing teeth or severely damaged teeth and it can help to strengthen a tooth, but in most cases, at least 2mm of tooth enamel must be removed for a crown to fit properly. Veneers are for aesthetic purposes, they don’t strengthen a tooth or replace missing teeth. If you’re interested in porcelain veneers, then call our office today to schedule a consultation.

What Type of Maintenance Do Teeth Need with Veneers?

Veneers require the same type of maintenance as your natural teeth. They need regular flossing and brushing and regular dental checkups. However, if you have a problem such as bruxism, you’ll want to consult your dentist about a custom mouthguard to protect your teeth during the night. If you have veneers on your front teeth, take care when biting into hard foods such as candy apples because you can damage your veneers.

Are Veneers Durable?

Properly maintained, your veneers should remain bright and beautiful for many years, decades even, but they need proper maintenance just like your natural teeth do, and they should never be used to open bags, bottles or any other item.

Are Lumineers® a High-Quality Product?

Lumineers® is a brand name for a specific type of veneer. They’re extremely thin and require little or no removal of tooth enamel. They’re very translucent and can last up to 20 years or more. They’re one of the most popular brands, so if you’re interested in this brand of veneers, then call our Detroit office and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.

How Do I Schedule a Consultation for Lumineers in Detroit?

If you want more information or to schedule an appointment in our office, then call (313) 651-7260 and we can help you. We have a strong reputation for providing veneers in Detroit, so give us a call today.

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Traditional Michigan (MI) Medicaid plans not accepted:

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