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If you have a painful tooth and find out that you need an extraction, it can be scary if you’ve never had a tooth pulled or if you suffer from dental anxiety. We want to reassure you it’s not a painful procedure; in fact, it will be over before you know it.

What’s the Estimated Tooth Extraction Cost?

Our dentist would be happy to give you an estimate for your extraction cost after he or she examines the tooth and sees whether you need a dental or surgical tooth removal. Our dentist also will assess how difficult it will be to remove the tooth, which can affect the fee. Be sure to make us aware if you have insurance, which may cover a portion of your cost.

Why Do Oral Surgeons Perform Some Teeth Extractions?

Dentists extract teeth by loosening a tooth and then grasping it with dental forceps and pulling it out. If the tooth is at or below the gum line, an oral surgeon has to remove it. An oral surgeon will open your gum and take the tooth out, usually closing the site with dissolving sutures.When Is Having a Tooth Pulled Unavoidable?

Sometimes, teeth are damaged beyond repair from decay or trauma and there is no way to restore them. In other cases, dentists may suggest an extraction if you have a wisdom tooth that is affecting the health of your other teeth, or to make more room in your mouth in preparation for braces.

Can I Have a Dentist Remove a Badly Damaged or Decayed Tooth for Me?

Yes, if you have a tooth that isn’t possible to repair because there isn’t enough healthy tooth structure left, our dentist can pull the tooth for you and stop the pain. We try to save the extraction option as a last resort.

When Is a Baby Tooth Extraction Advisable?

If your child has a tooth that is broken beyond repair or too decayed for a root canal, our dentist will suggest an extraction. Extractions are also recommended if a baby tooth is blocking the permanent tooth, preventing the adult tooth from growing in straight. Call us to arrange a visit so our dentist can examine your child’s teeth and decide on the best treatment. Our team excels at putting kids at ease during their dental appointments.

Is Getting a Tooth Pulled an Option if I Have Severe Gum Disease?

If your tooth is loose and it’s making it hard for your teeth to fit together properly and hurts when it moves, our dentist can relieve the pain by pulling it for you.

When Do Dentists Recommend Pulling Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are molars that normally emerge in the very back of your mouth when you’re between the ages of 17 and 25. Our dentist will generally suggest wisdom teeth removal if the teeth are crowding your other teeth, are painful or causing infections. If our dentist notices problems before the teeth erupt from your gums, he or she will most likely refer you to an oral surgeon. Otherwise, if they have already erupted, our dentist can remove them for you.

Can Extractions Relieve an Overcrowded Mouth?

If erupting teeth don’t have enough room to come in straight, you may need one or more extractions to help your teeth become properly aligned. Call us to make an appointment; our dentist will ensure that the extractions are virtually painless.

What Will I Have to Do After a Tooth Extraction?

A piece of gauze will be placed over the extraction site before you leave our office. The bleeding will stop soon and a clot will form in the socket. It’s very important to follow our dentist’s recommendations so you don’t dislodge the clot. You can’t rinse vigorously, spit, smoke or drink using a straw since these actions create suction in your mouth that could cause the clot to come out. Eat a soft diet the first couple of days, avoiding the extraction site. Your dentist will explain what to do if you experience swelling or minor discomfort.
How Long Will It Take for the Socket to Heal After a Tooth Extraction?

A non-molar extraction only leaves a small hole in your mouth. After the extraction, rest for a day and avoid any heavy lifting or vigorous activity. The socket should heal in a week, although everyone heals at different rates and tooth extraction healing times vary. A molar extraction, which leaves a larger hole in your mouth, takes a few more days to heal.

Make an appointment now for a tooth extraction in Detroit by calling us at (313) 651-7260. We look forward to serving you.

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Traditional Michigan (MI) Medicaid plans not accepted:

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