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Traditional dentures can be a source of embarrassment and worry for some of the patients we see at Gentle Dental of Michigan. These removable, traditional dentures can sometimes slip out of place or fall out entirely.

However, with All-on-4 dental implants and dentures, there is no need to worry about such problems. These new dentures are an alternative to these removable dentures and can provide a permanent solution for your tooth replacement needs. By working with Gentle Dental of Michigan, you can enjoy access to the latest and most practical solutions for All-on-4 implants and dentures. We work with you to determine the best and most fitting options for your needs.

What Is an All-on-4 Implant?

All-on-4 dental implants consist of four titanium posts that are implanted into the upper or lower jaw. Only four of these implants are required to support an entire row of teeth. All-on-4 solutions make it simple to care for your new artificial teeth and to treat them in much the same way as you would your natural teeth in most cases. By working with our team of dental experts, you can ensure the best outcomes for your teeth, your smile and your future dental health.

How Do All-on-4 Implants Work?

All-on-4 procedures begin with the application of two posts at the front of the mouth and two longer posts that are inserted at a precise, 45-degree angle in the back of the mouth and into the jaw. The angle of approach for these titanium implants is critical to provide the deepest penetration into the bone of the jaw and to ensure adequate support for dentures once the healing process is complete. Even patients with bone loss are often able to accept All-on-4 treatment options from Gentle Dental of Michigan.

All-on-4 Before and After Treatment Steps

Before you begin your treatment in our office, our dentists will typically take a good look at the condition of your teeth, gums and the bone in your jaw. This will allow Gentle Dental of Michigan to determine if you are a good candidate for All-on-4 procedures and treatment plans. We will provide you with the most accurate information on the current state of your dental health and the best options for your needs now and in the future.

After the implants have been placed, our team will typically apply a temporary denture that will provide added confidence for you during the healing period. Your All-on-4 dentist will determine when your implants have healed sufficiently to provide support for your permanent denture and will work with you to create a treatment schedule that suits your needs and provides you with the greatest flexibility when managing your dental care.

How Much Will All-on-4 Dental Implants Cost?

The cost of your All-on-4 dentures and implants will typically vary depending on the amount of work needed to prepare your mouth, the type of dental insurance you have, and what type of restorative device you choose. The dental team at Gentle Dental of Michigan will work with you to find the most practical and cost-effective process for your needs. Although some dental plans will not pay for implants because they may be regarded as a cosmetic procedure, our administrative team will work with you to ensure that as much of your treatment is covered by your dental insurance as is possible. This will help to lower your out-of-pocket costs and will ensure the best financial outcomes for you and your family.

Are All-on-4 and Traditional Implants Vastly Different?

Traditional implants are designed to hold one or a few teeth in place or to support a crown or bridge. All-on-4 implants differ from these implant options because of their placement and their ability to provide a stable and reliable attachment for an entire row of upper or lower artificial teeth. Our dentists have the training and the experience needed to put these innovative treatment options to work for you. With a more permanent implant and the need for a bone graft reduced, you’ll be able to heal quickly and enjoy your implants right away.

Are Traditional and All-on-4 Dentures Vastly Different?

Removable dentures are the traditional way to replace entire rows of teeth, but they require messy adhesives to attach them and a daily cleaning routine. The dentures used in the All-on-4 process are made to be permanently attached to implants for a more durable and reliable chewing, speaking and biting experience for our patients. Also, you can care for them just as you would your natural teeth.

Where Should I Look for All-on-4 Dental Implants Near Me?

Gentle Dental of Michigan is proud to provide the most practical All-on-4 options for our patients. Because we want to ensure that you receive the right solutions for your needs, we’ll schedule you for an initial exam where we will discuss your options. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our team. We are here to serve you.

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Traditional Michigan (MI) Medicaid plans not accepted:

Michigan (MI) Medicaid is accepted for patients 18 and under.

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