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Dental Education and Career Resources

The field of dentistry is a good choice, since people will continue to need dental work: It is a growing field with good job stability. There are a number of career options available within the field itself, such as being a dentist, a dental hygienist, or a dental assistant. You may also consider working in the field of dental research. Each of the fields requires coursework as well as certification. Individual states oversee certification and registration, but you can also become nationally certified. If you enjoy working with people, you may enjoy a career in the dental field.

This brochure outlines the different options that you can take if you are interested in dental research as your career. This is a good option if you love the science part of oral health.

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Information on Being a Dentist

Learn the median salary and working conditions for dentists around the country. This information can help you determine if being a dentist is the right career for you.

Safety and Health Topics for Dentistry

Learn the OSHA guidelines set up to keep you safe in your career as a dentist. This provides basic information and explains how to make sure you are safe on the job.

Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Care Settings

It is important to understand this set of safety protocol that dentists’ offices must follow to help keep employees safe.

Impact Study of Dental Health Care Act in Maryland

This study outlines the impact that dental care workers can have on people through education and other avenues. It is a way to see how the job can really impact those in your community.

Review this brochure to determine if a career as a dental assistant or hygienist is a good option for you.

Careers in Dental Health

This outlines the different jobs in a dental office and explains the education needed to obtain each level. It is a good staring point if you are trying to determine what you want to study.

Review the specific daily duties of a dental assistant, as well as the education requirements and licensing requirements.

Dental Hygiene Series

This provides indepth information about the requirements to become a dental hygienist, including educational and testing standards.

Review the facts and requirements of becoming a dental assistant.

Learn the basic requirements and job outlook for dental assistants.

This is one of the professional organizations for dental assistants. It has information on conferences, continuing education, and joining the association.

Dental Assisting National Board: Becoming Certified

Use this page to help you practice to take the dental assisting test and qualify for national certification.

American Dental Association: Careers

The American Dental Association is the main professional organization for all dental workers and dentists in the United States.

American Dental Hygienist Association: Education and Careers

This is one of the national associations for dental hygienists. It includes information on developing your career and conferences.

Becoming a Dentist

Review this guide, which provides basic guidelines on preparing to apply for a dental program. It also explains what a dentist does.

American Dental Education Association

This professional association provides information on the different dental programs throughout the country.

American Student Dental Association

The American Student Dental Association is specifically designed to help dental students. It provides networking opportunities, support, and information on the field of dentistry.

Student National Dental Association

You can join this association when you are a dental student: It is designed to help you navigate the steps in becoming a dentist.

How to Get Into Dental School

Learn the steps that you need to take to qualify for a dental school program. This information can help you no matter what program you want to apply for.

Explore Health Careers

If you are not sure if you want to pursue a career in the dental field, this website provides a wide array of information on both dental careers and other careers in health care. It is a good resource to help you map out the path to achieve your career goals.

DAT Study Resource

Prepare to take the DAT with the resources available on this site. The DAT is a required test to enter dental school.

This association is focused on finding ways to improve oral health across America. It has student chapters that you can join.

How to Start a Dental Practice

Review a basic guide of what you will need to do to open your own dental practice as opposed to working in an established practice.

Dentist Career Profile

US News compiled a basic career profile for a dentist. Learn the salary and other ins and outs of working as a dentist. It also has links to a variety of careers in the dental field.

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Traditional Michigan (MI) Medicaid plans not accepted:

Michigan (MI) Medicaid is accepted for patients 18 and under.

The Healthy Michigan Plans are accepted for adults.


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