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Find Emergency Dental Care Near Detroit for Quick Pain Relief

Finding the best emergency dental care near Detroit can be challenging. You may need emergency dental care from a qualified dentist for a number of reasons, including severe pain or injuries to your teeth or gums. Knowing when to schedule a regular appointment with your dentist and when to seek immediate dental services will allow you to deal with just about any emergency that arises.

Here are some of the most commonly reported pain and trauma conditions that require the help of an emergency dentist to resolve:

Reasons to Seek Emergency Dental Care for Pain

Toothaches can be extremely painful and cause serious problems. It is important to seek help for these issues to protect your teeth and enable you to get on with the activities you enjoy. Knowing whether to schedule a same-day appointment with your dentist or visit a walk-in dental clinic can help you protect your teeth from some serious issues.

Abscesses and infections are among the most serious and painful issues that can affect your teeth and gums. They can put a great deal of pressure on the delicate nerve endings inside your tooth, resulting in severe pain and the need to seek immediate relief. Your dentist may recommend a course of antibiotics to reduce the infection before a potential oral surgery procedure. This is one of the most common reasons to look for a dentist who offers emergency dental care near Detroit.

Even a small fracture in your tooth could cause pain, especially if it is a tooth that is frequently exposed to pressure. Broken or cracked teeth require the help of a dental emergency specialist. These dedicated professionals can provide immediate help for dealing with pain and protecting your teeth against further damage.

If you previously had a root canal procedure, you may be more vulnerable to reinfection of the site of the oral surgery. Contacting your local emergency dental clinic or office at the first sign of these infections can prevent severe pain and enable you to receive treatment more quickly.

Bruxism is the technical term for grinding your teeth at night. This can sometimes result in the loss of enamel. If you lose enough tooth enamel, the nerves inside your teeth may be exposed and cause serious pain. A mouth guard can often prevent damage to your teeth caused by bruxism. For severe pain in a tooth or in your jaw, however, immediate help from a dental clinic can provide you with the relief you need.

Receding gums can cause serious bleeding if not treated properly. If you experience pain or bleeding that will not stop, you should visit your dentist or a clinic that offers emergency services for dental care to resolve this issue right away.

Injury-Related Reasons to Seek Emergency Dental Care Near Detroit

Teeth can be injured by eating hard foods, in car and bicycle accidents and while playing active sports. According to American Family Physician, dental trauma is extremely common among children and teens. Approximately one-third of children experience some soft of injury to their baby teeth. As children grow older, the risk decreases. Even so, children aged 12 have a 20 percent chance of injury to their permanent teeth.

If a tooth has been loosened or knocked out, this constitutes a dental emergency. Be sure to save the tooth or any fragments and bring them to the dental clinic or office as quickly as possible. Most dental experts recommend that you plan to arrive within 30 minutes of the accident to give dentists the best chance to reseat and restore the tooth. Making sure that the emergency dentists know that you are coming to the office and the situation before you arrive is also important to allow them to prepare your treatment and to provide the fastest dental care possible.

What Should You Do if You Lose a Crown or Filling?

While losing a crown or a filling is not a true emergency, it does require a visit to the dentist to make sure that your tooth does not sustain damage because of the loss of these dental appliances. An emergency dentist can sometimes reseat the crown and reattach it to the tooth to provide the support needed. By bringing the filling or crown with you, you can often save time and money on your emergency dental needs.

When to Go to the Hospital Emergency Room

Visiting the ER is often stressful and not necessary for most dental emergencies. In cases where an infection has spread, however, seeking medical attention may be required before you can schedule any oral surgery. High fever, swelling along your jaw or throat, pain or swelling of the lymph nodes and difficulty in breathing are all signs that you need to go to the ER before seeking a dentist who provides emergency dental care near Detroit. The emergency room personnel can determine whether you have a severe infection that requires medical treatment. Once the immediate danger is over, you should seek help from a dentist to resolve the underlying issues and prevent a recurrence of the infection.

Our team can provide you with the best emergency dental care possible. We are available on weekends and on most holidays to deliver the highest-quality care for you and your family. If you are in pain or have been injured and need the help of a team of qualified dental professionals, give us a call or visit us online to let us know you are on your way. We are here to serve you when you need us most.

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